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LW Scientific - USA
LW Scientific - USA
We find that classic quote to be quite ironic and hilarious when describing ourselves here at LW Scientific, Inc. We say it in jest because we want you to follow us on all the cool social media sites and all that fun stuff. Yet, anyone who has done business with us over the past 17 years knows that our interactions are driven by a philosophy of putting the customer, and others before ourselves.

Yes, we are a national and international manufacturing company. Yes, we have been growing since our start back in 1994. Yes, we have greatly expanded our product line of microscopes, centrifuges, and general lab products. And yes, we do have top of the line features on many of our products to compete with those “big deal” companies.

However, we believe the main reason for our continued success is derived from our human interactions with each other and our customers. We celebrate individual birthdays, we post pictures of our Christmas parties on Facebook, and we are on a first name basis with our employees and our distributors. People here at LW hang out when they’re not at work, we rarely go to lunch alone, and we have nicknames and jokes for everyone in the office and the warehouse below our feet. We believe in the idea of actually interacting, over acting.

The same applies for our customers. Our Vice President of Sales still gives out his cell phone number so that he can better be reached when he’s moving around the building. Our customer service reps will go out of their way to find the answer to your question whether you’re ordering a $3 part or $30,000 worth of products. You can reach us easily by phone, live chat on our website, or connect with us through Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to our blog.

LW Scientific is a manufacturing company making professional grade lab products in a family and human atmosphere. We realize that the ultimate goal of lab technology is to improve and save lives. This why we care so deeply about the quality, efficiency, and well being of not only our products and team members, but also you our customers…

So join us as we take on our style of interactivity and connectivity through social media, and let us know what you think along the way!

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Centrifuges M24 24-place Microhematocrit Centrifuge
Centrifuges M24 24....

Harga: hubungi 083830054888

Centrifuge adalah centrifuge M24 mikrohematokrit benar-benar terjangkau. Unit ini dirancang untuk mudah digunakan di laboratorium. Berputar hematocrits dalam waktu kurang dari 5....

Centrifuges Ultra-8 Centrifuge
Centrifuges Ultra-8....

Harga: hubungi 083830054888

Catatan: Model kecepatan tetap tidak lagi tersedia. Untuk centrifuge kecepatan sebanding tetap, memeriksa Centrifuge Kecepatan E8 Tetap.

The 8-tempat LW Ilmiah Ultra memiliki, ....

Centrifuges E8 Fixed Speed Centrifuge
Centrifuges E8 Fixed....

Harga: hubungi 083830054888

The 8-tempat LW Ilmiah E8 adalah centrifuge kecepatan ekonomis tetap dirancang agar sesuai anggaran. Unit ini menampung tabung paling uji dari 3ml - 15ml. Sikap luas menghilangkan....

Centrifuges C-5 Test Tube Centrifuge
Centrifuges C-5 Test....

Harga: hubungi 083830054888

Centrifuge Tabung C-5 Uji menggunakan pemisahan horizontal yang menawarkan banyak keuntungan dibandingkan tradisional tetap-sudut perpisahan. Ini termasuk pemisahan gel ketat....

Centrifuges CxR Swing-out 6-place Horizontal Centrifuge
Centrifuges CxR....

Harga: hubungi 083830054888

Para CXR swing-out 6-tempat Centrifuge Horisontal menggunakan sentrifugasi horisontal. Ini menawarkan keunggulan dibandingkan tradisional miring-rotor sentrifus, seperti ketat....

Centrifuges ZIP-Spin Portable Test Tube Centrifuge
Centrifuges ZIP-Spin....

Harga: hubungi 083830054888

Sebuah centrifuge portabel dan kompak. Sempurna bagi para misionaris medis atau dokter hewan lapangan.

Fitur dan Manfaat
Didukung oleh bebas perawatan motor brushless.

Colposcopes ZoomStar Colposcope with Trulight
Colposcopes ZoomStar....

Harga: hubungi 083830054888

Optik Nikon stereoscopic dengan perbesaran zoom variabel kontinyu 4.5x dengan 20x membuat colposcopes pilihan yang sangat baik. ZoomScope memiliki sistem suspensi overhead yang....

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